Our New Warehouse!

We’re so excited to have moved into our new warehouse unit – nearly 4000 square feet of space to fill with the most magical unique and colourful decorations!

The move from St. Albans was a big one for us, we’d grown so attached to the place what with its stunning city centre and amazing network of creative clients and suppliers. Great thing is, we’re only 20 minutes further up the M1, and not only do we now have 5 times the space, we are in an exciting new location in Bedfordshire! We are loving getting to know the local area, Hitchin is our new favourite place for stunning coffee shops and vintage stores! We also have the fantastic benefits of being super close to a motorway and smack bang in the middle of our glorious country. We can send vans out all over the UK and it’s soooo easy!

We now offer a collection and return service which means no delivery charges for clients wanting to come and grab a few props for their events – and you may have noticed the ‘Buy & Hire’ page on our website? We’re slowly but surely cataloguing everything we own so you lovely people can hire to your hearts’ content! AND if you see anything you can’t possibly live without… you can buy most of the items you see too!

So, the warehouse itself… it’s a big open plan space with an awesome office that we’ve completely decorated with parquet flooring and bold mexican greens, pinks and yellows… We’re creating a ‘Courtyard’ complete with caravan office (1950s Thomson Mini Glen!) and craft space, plus a painting area and small props storage space. Further into the warehouse is our ‘Workshop’ where we build our bespoke props and this is where we will house our bigger props on some super duper massively tall racking! Our little kitchen ‘Cafe’ space consists of a pink and white 1950s Fisher Holivan – with seating for 6, it’s the perfect chill out space for staff, and doubles up as a meeting room for those busy times when the office is full!

We’re truly excited for what 2016 has to bring and can’t wait to invite you all in for your design consultations! To make an enquiry please email us on info@hattieandflora.co.uk, we can’t wait to make magic with you 😉